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A Level Courses in England

What are A Level Courses


The AS (Advanced Subsidiary) and A (Advanced) Levels of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF)  focus on traditional learning methods. They usually take one or two years to complete, according to a learner’s prowess. Pupils can choose from a wide range of scholastic subjects, as well as from some empirical ones (in project form).
The AS and A-Levels are at level 3 of the NQF.  The qualification certification structure shows how different types of qualifications compare in terms of requirements posed to students.


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AS Levels:
Under current education policy, AS Levels certifications are a separate qualification. AS levels precede A-Levels and can be taken as a standalone qualification. At the end of the year’s preparation for AS Levels, a pupil can choose between two options:

• To sit the AS Levels as the final certificate


• To continue in the second year and go for A-Levels certification.

A-Levels require two years. Pupils don’t have to take AS-Levels exams to get the A-Levels certification. Those who have AS-Levels and wish to continue to A-Levels must pass examinations on all A-Levels material. AS-Levels results do not count towards A-Levels exam ratings.
Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
This additional certification can be obtained during the AS-Levels. Pupils choose a topic that interests them, complete a task or research project and present it. The EPQ is equivalent in value to half A-Levels and requires pupils to demonstrate appropriate planning, preparation, research and submit independent work. The EPQ gains extra UCAS points, is highly regarded by universities and is recommended for potential students intending to apply to Oxford or Cambridge.

A Level Preparation Courses

Who can sit for A-Levels
Most pupils go for the AS and A-Levels on receiving their General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). A-Levels are the classic way for British pupils to move on to higher education.


A Level Courses in UK




A Level Colleges in London


CATS College, London

CATS College, London

Evaluation Method
Official evaluation is through examinations. Other forms of evaluation (papers, presentations, etc.) may apply.