Only parents know when the time is right for their youngster. Our long experience has shown s  that the younger he or she is, the more easily adaptable they are to learning a new language. The programs we offer are designed for youngsters aged 4-17 and are divided into two main categories:

1. Group departures where the youngsters are accompanied by an adult leader/escort.  They leave together from Greece, stay together at residences on the university/college campus and return together. While there, the tour leader/escort monitors their progress, looks out for their welfare and makes sure that they have a fun and an educational stay. Group study tours are preferable for younger learners.

2. Individual departures to selected universities/colleges abroad where in a safe and secure environment and with no or few distractions from youngsters of their own nationality,  young learners will show increased progress in learning the language. They can also sign up for  specialized programs that  combine language lessons with a sport , art or dance class,  or take part in educational activities such as  Debate & Critical Thinking, Oxbridge, Medics, Engineering, Business, Law, Finance, Computer, Science, Drama, Film Academy, Fashion. This type of study tour is good for teenagers aged 14 and over. From our part, we take steps to provide your youngster with opportunities to expand his/her horizons by learning new things, making new friends and gaining memories that will last a lifetime. All we ask for is an easy going nature and positive attitude.


For many youngsters this may be their first time away from home. We would like to make some suggestion to make their transition easier.

Bolster your youngsters’ self-reliance at every opportunity. Arrange for him/her  to stay a night or two at a friend's house where he/she will have to be self reliant.
Plan the trip together. The more a child takes part in the process, the more comfortable it will feel when it’s time to go.
Encourage your youngster to express thoughts and to feel free to ask questions from the trip’s escort.
Chat about how the trip will be.
Go over expected situations such as packing and unpacking his/her suitcase, to self-service from a buffet and choosing what’s best to eat, etc.
Arrange a time and under what circumstances he/she should phone you.

Should your youngster at some stage get homesick and call you to come back home, be comforting  and reassuring and try to convince him/her to stay on for a few days more. Focus on the positive aspects of the experience in order to be persuasive in sticking it out a while longer, but without you feeling guilty about being too forceful


Years of experience with youngsters travelling on their own have shown that the way to an unproblematic change from home to an away stay, is by occupying them with things to do from morning till night.  Their stay must be constantly active, recreational and fun. That’s why we design our programs to contain a range of sports activities, evening entertainment and excursions.


It doesn’t matter the level at which a youngster knows a foreign language. There are courses for all, from beginners to the very advanced. On arrival at the university/college, they take a test to make sure that they attend the class where they will benefit the most. Lessons are 45-55 minutes long, compulsory and daily. At the end of the course, the university/college will issue your youngster an Attendance and Progress Diploma.


All campus residences offer full board with a wide variety of food. Menus cater to all youngsters’ tastes and provide for their nutritional requirements. In the main, they offer international cuisine and also vegetarian options. Parents should indicate dietary habits and food specification on the application form.


University/college language tutors are certified to teach youngsters coming from abroad.


Young learners stay in campus residences depending on the conditions and facilities of each university/college. Some offer single rooms, others double, triple or multi-bed rooms. In the case of the latter, youngsters are allocated  rooms according to gender and age. Escorts reside in the same accommodation so that there’s constant supervision. In any case, universities/colleges have their own round-the-clock safety and security personnel.


A highlight of the trip is the afternoon and evening events. Universities/colleges  organize daily outdoor sports and recreational activities such as team games, contests, dance, barbecues, film shows etc. And, of course, every educational program concludes with at least one full-day excursion a week to a place of cultural and historical interest.

Medical care

Most campuses have an in-house surgery (doctor’s office) with qualified staff on 24 hour duty. Whatever medicines youngsters might bring along* are locked away securely. All medicines, except for those listed below, and instructions for their use must be written on the application form. Escorts will oversee their proper administration. In case of an emergency, transfer to hospital will be immediate.

* European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

The EHIC has replaced IKA-ETAM forms E111, E111V, E110, E128, E128V, E119 entitling an insured person to medical benefits when travelling for short stays in EU countries as well as in Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland. The EHIC holder has the right of direct access to health providers in these countries and to receive medical care for emergency reasons. To obtain the EHIC, those insured with IKA-ETAM should refer to the IKA branch of their place of residence to make an Application for the European Health Insurance Card. They must also submit their endorsed Health Book as well as their passport or new type of ID card. Should a youngster for any reason be admitted to hospital or require a doctor, parents will be immediately informed. Please let us know if your youngster has a health issue or allergy by pointing it out on the application form or by calling us. The personal information you provide us with is strictly confidential. We are able to handle any health issue as long as we are aware of it.

* Please pack the following essentials into your youngster’s bag:

 Throat irritation capsules or sweets
 A box of general and widely used painkillers (Depon/Panadol/Aspirin etc)
 antihistamine ointment for insect bites


Parents can communicate with their youngsters by mobile but we recommend it in moderation because roaming charges are costly. University/college campuses have telephones for public use. In addition, our office equips our escorts with a mobile phone for free, 24hour communication between escort, parents and youngsters.

Dialling code for GREECE is: 0030 + telephone number.
Dialling code for Britain is: 0044 + telephone number.

Please make sure you are fully aware about where your youngster is going prior to his/her departure.


GREAT BRITAIN        -2 hours
AUSTRIA                    -1 hour
FRANCE                     -1 hour
GERMANY                  -1 hour
SPAIN                         -1 hour
ITALY                          -1 hour


Casual is the bottom line on our trips. Shorts, jeans and T-shirts are ideal.  What gets packed depends on the duration of the holiday. The following list is indicative for a week’s stay.


  • a suitcase or bag, the lighter the better and preferably with wheels
  • T-shirts
  • Jeans or trousers
  • Sweatshirts
  • Tracksuit
  • a pair of pyjamas
  • windbreaker or waterproof jacket
  • sneakers
  • socks
  • underwear
  • slippers
  • one change of formal clothes
  • face towel
  • body towel
  • soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and comb/brush
  • a bag for dirty clothes
  • 1 notebook or small writing pad, pen and pocket dictionary

    * campus residences provide bedding and some also provide towels.



We strongly recommend that youngsters don’t bring valuable items.

Allowed luggage weight is 23 kg for the hold and 8 kg for the cabin.




The aim of Study Tours is to be educational and fun. However, a vital aspect of our work is safe and secure round-the-clock supervision. Parents are requested to carefully observe our recommendations. From our part, we select foreign universities/colleges which provide high-grade services. We collaborate with major IATA airlines. Our office diligently takes all the necessary steps to ensure maximum possible compliance with safety and security regulations. Study Tours staff are in England all through the summer and are carefully appointed representatives. They are experienced, competent and capable of troubleshooting any issues that may arise.


One of the escort’s duties is to ensure bedtime compliance. Their lodgings are adjacent to the youngsters’ so that they can be on hand at any moment. Main doors are locked, although in an emergency can be opened from the inside. Exiting the residences after bedtime, usually after 23.00, is strictly prohibited and offenders will be disciplined.


Universities/colleges have facilities for the safekeeping of money, passports/ ID cards and other documents. The group escort is responsible for and in charge of these.


Youngsters are not allowed to leave the campus grounds unless accompanied by an escort.


High on our list of priorities is the establishment of a friendly environment based on mutual respect.  We believe that all youngsters have equal rights to education and recreation. For this reason we and our escorts keep a vigilant eye out for signs of antisocial behaviour. Should your youngster, during its stay, confide or admit anything to you, please let us know in case it slipped our attention. We have rules of conduct which we expect and make certain that everyone respects and adheres to. Should a disagreeable situation persist, we reserve the right to cut short the course and send the wrongdoer home. T his will be at the parents’ expense as will be compensation for any material damage.


Campuses undertake weekly cleaning of rooms and changing of bed linen and towels. Many provide self laundry and ironing facilities at a small fee.


In order to travel to an EU country you must hold a valid passport or an ID card with LATIN CHARACTERS. Youngsters under 12 may travel ONLY by passport. The capital controls imposed in Greece have restricted the amounts of currency one can take out of the country so please make sure you are informed accordingly prior to departure. Foreign currency can be bought at any bank or exchange bureaus, in town or at international airports.

Personal expenses and POCKET money

StudyTours prices are fully inclusive. However, there are personal expenses for shopping, snacks, additional visits to museums and other extras depending on one’s preferences and budget.  As a guideline, €100-150 or equivalent per week should generally cover these.


Our website contains information on a range of educational programs abroad. However, should you be interested in something different or alternative, please contact us to  work together with you in customizing a program to suit your needs.

Once you‘ve decided on the program that interests you and we  have checked that there is availability on that date, please complete the application / registration form on our site and  submit it to us with a copy of your youngster’s passport or ID card.

By submitting the application / registration form you agree to our company’s terms and conditions. Registration is finalized on the deposit of 20% of the total cost of the study tour package.


StudyTours programs listed on our site are payable in cash only.

The registration advance fee is payable in cash or by VISA card

The remaining amount must be paid in full 30 days before the start of the program, in cash, by transfer to our bank account or by VISA card in 8, 12, 24 or 36 instalments.


You must be at the airport two hours before your scheduled time of departure and exactly at the time indicated on your information sheet. For security reasons, each passenger must check in their luggage personally. 


The allowed free weight for the hold is one (1) bag weighing maximum 23 kg. Each airline applies its own excess weight charges. Do not pack money, passports, documents and valuable items (e.g. laptops) in your hold luggage. Hand luggage is restricted to one item of a of maximum 8 pounds and in specific dimensions for the aircraft cabin. It is prohibited  to have the following items in hand luggage: scissors, nail clippers, nail files, sharp objects, flammable materials and liquids of more than 50mg (water, drinks, gels, creams, ointments, pastes, lotion, contact lens solution, etc. Liquids exceeding this volume must be packed into the hold luggage.


To travel, youngsters over 12 require a passport or new type of Identity Card.  Youngsters under 12 years require a passport.

Foreign currency where appropriate (e.g. in non-EU countries and Great Britain)
Youngsters who wear spectacles should carry a spare pair.
To recharge electrical devices such as mobile phones, hair dryers, MP3 players, laptops etc in Great Britain, an adapter is necessary because sockets in England will not accept Greek plugs. These can be purchased beforehand at electrical shops or on arrival at the airport in England.  


Please give us a 24hour telephone phone number to contact you on.

Our focus is to make our study tours hassle free and fun, so that your youngster can have a truly memorable time!