In 2003 we created in Porto Heli, a unique educational programme that combines learning, entertainment and sports. Our plans and goals for the future remain the same since our foundation in 1964, to provide the best educational experience for children of all ages, with a non-competitive manner, allowing them to discover the world around them, enhancing their knowledge, success and confidence in a safe and controlled environment. Besides, we succeed in doing so every year!

The Odyssey Study & Activity Holidays is an amazing combination of summer holidays in magnificent Greece and educational programme based entirely in the English language. In an English-speaking environment, daily contact with and practice in the language is achieved through lessons, games and activities with young people from different countries with only common means of communication the English language.



Ever since 2003, Odyssey Study & Activity Holidays has hosted children from many countries in Europe and beyond (Sweden, Italy, Russia, Romania, England, France, Colombia, Syria, Switzerland, Latvia, Egypt, Ukraine, Czech Republic, just to name a few). Its reputation is widespread in the education market both for the quality of the language lessons the programme offers and for the quality and variety of cultural and sporting activities aimed at keeping children fit and healthy and helping with the socialisation of children in a multicultural programme in Greece.

Give your children the opportunity to spend a creative summer in Porto Heli with English lessons by teachers whose mother tongue is English, many sports with children from around the world.

We look forward to welcoming and taking care of your children this year, doing everything possible to have a safe, creative and memorable educational summer. Children will have the opportunity to socialise with children of other nationalities, creating a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and cultural information. The language, accent, appearance are some of the most visible signs of individuality and uniqueness to all of us. In a world where distances are minimised, acceptance and appreciation of these differences is probably one of the most important lessons that we will be teaching your child this summer. Being part of a group, it helps them:

  • To accept the different nature of each individual.
  • To respect and know each other for what they are, in an open-minded and open-hearted way.
  • To learn how be confident, tolerant, accepted of differences, respectful and filled with kindness.
  • To understand that learning and fun can  indeed be combined.



Children and teens aged 10-17.


The Odyssey Study and Activity Holidays classifies the students by having them to take a written and oral tests in the respective classes. Students are assessed in terms of grammar, vocabulary, speaking and understanding. Thus the classes are formed according to their level, their age and nationality (International Classes). At the end of the programme students are given a Certificate of Attendance.

The Odyssey Study and Activity Holidays offers 6 levels of language learning, as stated by the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR)

  • A1 (Beginner)
  • A2 (Elementary)
  • B1 (Lower Intermediate)
  • B2 (Intermediate)
  • C1 (Pre-Advanced)
  • C2 (Advanced)



All our teachers are native English speakers and qualified to teach English as a foreign language. They are carefully selected based on experience, professionalism, enthusiasm and their ability to be dear to their students. Using modern teaching methods, children are challenged to grow and develop their skills through continuous communication, exchange ideas and opinions with each other thereby boosting their confidence with respect to the English language and the significant improvement in fluency, understanding and use of speaking skills.

At least two members of the Odyssey Study and Activity Holidays staff hold a Lifeguard Diploma and First Aid certificate.



Accommodation is an important part of a comprehensive programme. Our 50-year experience in educational holidays and the modern guidelines for comfort and hygiene observed at colleges and universities abroad, helped us to make a mandatory condition of a lodging to be the stay of our students in rooms with toilet and shower. Children and teens are divided according to their age and their sex, in triple rooms, featuring private bathroom and air conditioning, all with sea or pool view.

The students can choose between 3 different types of hotel accommodation in the town of Porto Heli. All three hotels are situated in the heart of the tourist area of Porto Heli, only a few minutes’ walk from beaches, shops, cafes and restaurants! They are set on ample areas with gardens, swimming pools and extensive sport courts.

2* Cosmos Club hotel - 3* Nautica Bay hotel - 4* AKS hotel



Full-board, buffet at the hotel's restaurant or packed-lunch on excursion days.


Our staff is selected for their experience, professionalism, friendliness and enthusiasm. Although the purpose of the programme is education and fun, an important part of our job is the safety and supervision of children 24 hours a day.




Practicing English continues outside lesson hours.

Students will be able to take advantage of all the hotel facilities in the after classes hours. They can still enjoy the beach and pool every day under always under the constant supervision of teachers, the lifeguards and our qualified staff.  English-speaking staff, teachers and Activity Leaders offer students a comprehensive programme that includes afternoon / evening activities and various events.



Students are always accompanied by their Group Leaders and Odyssey staff. The programme includes a trip or cruise per week. All tours / cruises depart at 08:30 and end at 20:30 followed by dinner and evening activities. The location favours amazing day-long excursions to cosmopolitan islands and places of cultural and historical interest.



Odyssey offers the following two different programmes:


1. Odyssey Study & Activity Holidays

The classic programme of Odyssey offers 20 English lessons per week with a full activity programme of sports -recreational activities and excursions.

2. Odyssey Adventures

A very well organised programme, suitable for active youngsters offering all kinds of sports and leisure activities for an exciting leisure holiday.




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