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Foundation Programme in England


Foundation Courses are for pupils who have finished high school but have completed less than 13 years formal education and wish to obtain a degree in Britain. They are one year preparatory courses for students who have not followed the British education system. The successful completion of a Foundation Course opens the way to graduate studies in Britain.

Foundation Courses act as a link between the potential students exists skills and the qualifications required for entry to higher education at British universities.

University foundation programmes - what they include


Foundation courses consist of a series of courses in the discipline that the potential students wish to pursue at university level and to improve their English, where necessary, for the acquisition of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) certificate.

Foundation Courses in UK


Foundation courses are designed to address educational gaps that may exist, to improve language levels and familiarize candidate students with British culture and way of life, as they prepare for admission to university.

Foundation courses prepare candidate students interested in studying disciplines such as: Finance, Information Technology, Law, Arts and Design, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Pharmacology, Humanities et al.

Some foundation course providers are in association with universities, to ensure the candidates entry to the first year of graduate studies after their successful completion of the foundation course, by allowing candidates the use of libraries, sports facilities and other university facilities.

Universities that do foundation courses:


Foundation Courses in London


CATS College, London

CATS College, London

Foundation Year University England


Leicester International Pathway College (LIPC), Leicester

Leicester International Pathway College (LIPC), Leicester


Evaluation Method

Evaluation is via written tests on the subjects chosen by the candidate student. Also requisite and taken into account are presentations, research projects (where applicable), portfolios (where applicable) and IELTS certifications. The required grades and conditions of entry are set by each university